unfinished ink drawing, originally uploaded by me-jade.

This is from a series of works on paper that i'm currently working on. I kind of thought it would be interesting to post an unfinished thing and then post in various stages of development. That's the theory anyway. It's quite possible that it will be put aside for a few years and become something completely different (maybe origami!) and i'll completely forget to post it again.......oh well.

The drawings reference instructional diagrams, which i love. I'm not completely sure why that is, but perhaps it is something to do with my interest in the processes involved in construction, but who can say. Maybe it's just because they're pretty.


Judith Hoffman said...

Hi Jade. I am so glad you are blogging. I am such a huge fan of your work, it will be interesting to hear you talk about it. I notice you don't use much color. Is there a concious reason? This is not a complaint, I love the aged look you get.

Jade said...

Thankyou, Judith!
About the not much colour, i think we could say it's semi-concious, if you know what i mean....partly, it just seems to be what comes out, however i do think
about it and i think there are many reasons. It is a question i am often asked, probably i give a different answer every time. Rather than try and explain here, i will do a whole post on it sometime soon, i promise!