collecting: hunting and gathering

I have a terrible habit of hoarding too much stuff....i think because i use heaps of recycled stuff in my artworks everything seems useful.....and i do hate waste!

And then i've got lots of books....i love art and craft books, and magazines, too. There are the books for reading and looking at, then there are the books i use as material for art-making, then there are the books i make....as well as all those art diaries.

There is so much paper in my house, and i am always getting more. I have many different kinds....i got a couple of pianola rolls from reverse garbage a while ago, they are lovely! I am using them for collage. Paper plates, cup cake cases, cardboard, hand made papers, joss papers, .....serviettes are excellent for papier mache.

I like little toys and ornaments, i have too many of those! I collect rabbit things, and all sorts of miniature stuff.

The photo shows some of my hoarded oddments, and some of my work.

I am always trying to get rid of stuff, but it never seems to make much difference to the mess.

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