Grey Areas part 2

whether the weather, originally uploaded by me-jade.

Some more thoughts and theories on the greyness of my work…..

Sometimes others (and sometimes me, too, just to make life easier) refer to my work as monochromatic. But I don’t think about it that way at all, to me all the colours are there. Just in a very toned down, washed out form. You just need to look closely.

The lack of colour provides visual relief from the multicolours we are bombarded with in everyday life……so many colourful things compete for our attention!

My feeling is that art almost always involves the past, and is an act of preservation. It is the product of an actual event, the remains of an experience or process, somewhat removed from ‘real life.’ By using the colouring that I do I feel I am amplifying the sense in which the viewer is seeing the remnant of a living thing. Probably this idea needs a whole post on its own.

It is both organic and industrial, just as many of my forms suggest body and machine.

It makes things look old, a bit jaded, I like this play on the meaning of my name. (I am only half joking) So it is a signature colour scheme…


jackie said...

I really like the tones in your work. I have just realized that you use plant dyes. I had a go last year as I like the muted colours, but gave up as the mordanting etc was all too much, especially in limited space.

Judith Hoffman said...

I would agree so much that art always involves the past. Memories, childhood experiences, dreams, (which seem to come out of my past), things that float up from the collective unconscious. It's such a rich source of imagery.

Your blog is fascinating, I am enjoying every post.

I will choose "judith hoffman" as my identity this time, hopefully it will show up correctly.

julie said...

I just found you through blogger - thanks for your comments on my work!
I think your work is wonderful - paper, organic...what more can i say!!! Will be back to read more!!

ainesse said...

I have very much enjoyed looking through your blog - it is interesting and fun. Your 'colours' are yours thats your art - you, your voice etc.

keep at it.