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Well that was a bit of a test post...it's quite a learning process this blogging business.
The artists in the show are Simon Yates, Michelle Hanlin, Simon Scheuerle, Stephen Freiberg and of course me, Jade Pegler.
I was very impressed with everyones work, so thankyou all, and it was great to meet the other artists.
Peter Fay curated/ co-ordinated the whole thing...so thank you Peter! Peter has been so lovely...he took us out for dinner after opening night, and is sitting the gallery, and lots more, too.
My work has mainly been shown in Wollongong, so it is has been quite exciting to have it go to the big city! And without any problems...organizing the freight (thank you Wollongong City Gallery!) and getting myself there (thankyou NAVA grant!)not to mention making the work (larger in scale than my usual, very hard to do in my little flat....thankyou Lauren Brown for your generous space-sharing! And feeding me a lot, too! Otherwise it would have been all instant noodles!)has made for a big project, it is a relief that it all went so well...and i don't have to bring any of the work back, which is very lucky, because i got nowhere to put it!
The sculptures i made for the show are called DESOLATION ROW....Peter gave me the words of the Dylan song to work with. It is not a place that i would have thought to look for text to work with, but i was quite amazed by how perfectly the words fit with my work.

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