shredded paper art

I’m making some stuff using the shredded paper I used for packing ‘Desolation Row’ for its journey to Melbourne. Silvershots bins were full, and even though the artworks have all gone to Canberra the crate needed to come back to Wollongong City Gallery anyway, as they generously loaned it to me. So I sent the crate back full of packaging materials, spare parts and assembly equipment.

Of course being the paper lover that I am, it was going to be difficult to throw out all that shredded paper. So, instead I am making art with it. Sometimes I wonder if my primary motivation in making things is to avoid throwing things away.

The paper, sourced for me by the lovely John Monteleone (a.k.a Mr Monty) is from the Wollongong City Council, so there might be some top secret documents in there; how could I resist?

I am bundling it up and dying it to look rotten and decayed, the bundles are a bit like coccoons. Some will be used for pieces along the lines of OSCILLIUM ASYLUM, others will just be bundles, I think. My plan is to create a kind of installation with the parts, expanding upon the ideas behind the OSCILLIUM ASYLUM pieces, which will probably be included in the final set up. The shredded council documents work so nicely with the ideas behind the pieces.

I don’t have photos of the work in progress, so instead I have scanned some of the smaller bundles. Maybe soon I’ll have some photos.


tararossstudios said...

Only you can make shredded pieces of paper look great!!!!

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