This work, THE MECHANICAL EQUITANT (in these photos it's not quite finished yet) has been commissioned for BLOODLINES: ART AND THE HORSE AT Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, which will open 1st of August (of course!). I'll be sending it on it's way this week, in time for catalogue photography. The show is curated by Peter Fay, there'll also be new commissioned works by Charlie Sofo, Slim Barrie, Jo Boag, Stephanie Hicks, Simon Scheuerle, Linde Ivimey, Martin Mischkulnig, and Tom Moore, as well as existing works by artists Noel McKenna, Nicholas Chevalier, Arthur Boyd, Ken Whisson, Albert Tucker, Fred Williams, Sam Fullbrook, Harold Cazneaux, Pro Hart, TV Moore, Sidney Nolan and, i believe, quite a few others.


THE MECHANICAL EQUITANT has undergone many changes and revisions as i've been making it, many parts were created that didn't end up getting used. The photos HERE show many of these parts. They'll all come in handy for something else. It seems i have a very inefficient way of working. Sometimes i think it would be nice to know exactly what it is that you're doing, and know it will work. But maybe it wouldn't be so interesting that way.

Will do another post on this work. Maybe when it's on its way and i don't have to look at it any more.



malleable fiction


Some odds and ends sitting on the window sill of my studio. Lots of them use the crumpling i've been doing a lot of lately, combined with papier mache. I called them FICTILE MEMENTOS. I like the word fictile, it sounds to me like it means 'fictional' but actually means 'malleable' or 'formed of a moldable substance' and is often used in relation to pottery. These two meanings aren't so different really, both imply a constructed entity, one of them , perhaps, a little more tangible than the other.


Some of these pieces were in a group show at FIELD in Newcastle a little while ago -





Hurrah! Now i can fit a decent size photo in landscape orientation in a post. Not being able to do that was a nagging irritation to me. Lucky i didn't have a fit.

Still a few very minor changes to make. Probably it'll only be me that notices.


Making some layout changes to Spectrescope, so things may look a little weird for a little while. Of course, i may not like them and end up back where i started.

This is a book thing that's going to be part of a bigger thing.


'I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence
So the days flow through my eyes
But the days still seem the same...'


not talking about it

The main thing i'm working on at the moment is something i really don't feel like talking about. Probably because it's driving me a little nuts. But it's under control. I think.
So instead here's a couple of other things.


Above is a new drawing. Ball point pen, pantone letraset markers and white ink.


This is a drawing installation i'm working on. I plan to make it pretty big. It's in early stages, and is 'installed' rather roughly on the wall of my studio. There are many possibilities for different arrangements of the parts. And there will be many more parts before i'm finished with it.
I started it when at Bundanon, slowly it is growing.

It is larger than the photos show, but i have no decent photo of the whole thing. Which reminds me, i'm getting a new lens soon. I actually got a new camera the other day, just a 'point and shoot' digital. Unfortunately a DSLR is not that great to carry around. At least when you're like me and are always carrying a heap of stuff anyway. It is great for documenting artwork, though.

My new camera fits inside a soapbox, with which i have made a case for it (i added some padding etc). Unfortunately the memory is yet to arrive, i can only take about 5 pictures with the supplied SD card. Hopefully Tuesday.