sketchbook page
I have a website! Besides Spectrescope, of course. Needs a bit of work, but it will probably always be a work-in-progress. And here's a sketchbook page, just because a post with no picture is no good!

in progress, in studio

Studio, with some work in progress - probably for the commission mentioned in my last post.


work - in - progress

Some sculptures that will most likely be part of a group of commissioned pieces that i am currently working on.


more secretive spectres

More from saturday evenings semi-secret and rather devious 2 hour exhibition i had with Lauren Brown sheseesred.blogspot.com/2006/12/guerilla-girls.html


decay and breakdown

Detail from a series of works on paper 'The Decay and Breakdown of Formal Structure and its Reinvention.' Collage, acrylic, ink, correction tape and fluid, pens, pencils, machine stitching etc.


secret show

spectral monsters (from the omnibus)

From saturday evenings semi-secret and rather devious 2 hour exhibition i had with Lauren Brown.
That's some of Laurens work on the walls in the frames.


stuffed drawings etc.

stuffed drawings etc.

stuffed drawing
To make these stuffed drawings i put fabric in an embroidery hoop, draw on it with various things - pen and ink, other kinds of pens and pencils and ink washes. Then i cut the shapes out, sew on a backing and stuff them and sew some more.

I like the way they make the drawing tactile and 3D - like some kind of toy. Making things can be a lot like playing a game or solving a puzzle.

The little origami box has a piece of origami stitched inside. The top left piece is cardboard and collage etc.


moleskine monster

sketchbook detail, originally uploaded by me-jade.


little drawings together

drawings, originally uploaded by me-jade.

most of these started as monoprints. The drawing is mostly biro, some pencil and some correction fluid.

kind of new studio and monoprint drawing

monoprint drawing, originally uploaded by me-jade.

This is a monoprint with biro, pencil, correction fluid. I have really been enjoying monoprinting lately, after not doing any for quite a while.

A week ago I took over the lease on the studio I have been sub-leasing, in order to avoid losing it altogether (with about 3 days notice – I was very anxious about it all for a while there ). I am so pleased with how it has all worked out – I have more space now, and it seems to me much more like a proper studio. I have been painting the walls white (they were a green colour which wasn’t that bad but not so good for a studio) and rearranging things. And I got a little fridge! Such luxury…

I loved my studio before but I really really love it now. It is funny that small things can make a big difference.

I will post some studio pictures soon.


little monster

little monster drawing, originally uploaded by me-jade.

My computer was broken for about a week, which drove me nuts. Now i am going nuts trying to catch up on everything, especially on flickr.
Some programs need reinstalling, and a lot of my stuff is in strange new places....but i am so happy to have it back. And my USB ports now work - hurrah!

This little drawing is biro and correction fluid.