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I'm back! Had a fantastic time at Bundanon and now i'm exhausted. I think this is a problem when you take so much stuff.


This is one of a group of sculptures completed during the residency.

One of the best things about the experience was being there with my fellow residents, it was all much more sociable than i had expected. Living together in quite an isolated spot you spend quite a bit of time with one another - there are shared meals, afternoon tea (often lemon tea - yum!) lots of walks, studio visits and an occasional DVD on Hiroshi's laptop.
I was fed a lot, mostly by the two artists i shared a kitchen with, Dhaneshwar Shah and Sunanda Khaduria, from New Delhi. Not only talented artists, but very good cooks. And very good makers of lemon tea.

The other visual artist was Hisako Tsuzuku, a calligrapher whose work was wonderful. We did a workshop with Hisako, after which i developed an even greater respect for what she did; japanese calligraphy is very difficult!

Bundanon residents

From the left - Dhaneshwar, Sunanda, Hiroshi (Hisako's partner) and Hisako.

This photo was taken the day before Dhaneshwar and Sunanda left. They had made us some delicious semolina, and Hisako provided some lovely green tea.

More to come about Bundanon.

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