the paper garden

paper sculpture at Bundanon

Something i enjoyed doing while at Bundanon was a series of temporary miniature sculptural installations in the bush, THE PAPER GARDEN, made of paper (of course). I would have liked to do some more of that sort of thing, but had other stuff i needed to work on. I would like to do something similar in an urban setting, so i'm keeping an eye out for good spots.

paper sculpture at Bundanon


Jan said...

Jade, this is so beautiful. You really are a special artist. I love the way you make this work so well!

jackie said...

I have just been for a walk in our local fields in Hampshire, and can just imagine these pieces out there in the dried up hedges.
I also like the wax and paper below.

sHandke said...

The paper has a wonderful aesthetic in the world where it once lived. Plus, this makes quite a statement about the environment we live in and teh way we impact it. Very elegant!

Friederike! said...

I love your paper gardens and the idea to install it in an urban surrounding is delightful

alison czajkowskyj said...

Hi i have been working on a similar theme for my degree show, i am representing mould using paper and felt, displaying it in a way that is recognisable to society. I love the delicacy of your paper, do you make it yourself? the type i use, i make from natural ephemera and it is a lot more coarse.