newly crumpled


A new way to crumple! Well new to me. I am sure serious crumplers know all about it. I have found very little instructional information so it's an assumption, but a pretty safe one i think.
It involves turning the thing inside out repeatedly and creating a fold each time. These ones are made with sewing patterns, and wax.


Previously my crumpled things had all been variations on the technique used for the piece in my last post.



stephanie s said...

this one is beautiful! crumple on.

Martine said...

I love your work. Gonna try this with organza. Sent you a photo if i succeed.

Claire said...

Your residency sounds like a wonderful experience. Especially sharing with other artists, which I imagine is a 'hit and miss' possibility when you sign up for such a thing.

I am totally enchanted with your crumple origami (origami being something which normally sort or attracts and repels me at the same time... attracts because of the possiblity of shape and form and the technical skill involved... repels also because of the technical skill required LOL).

I especially love the way the printed (or caligraphy) lines tranform with the crumples :-)

Jade said...

thanks Stephanie, Martine and Claire.

Claire you are right that it is a bit hit and miss, I was very lucky to be there with such fantastic company.
I actually kind of 'won' the residency, it was one of the prizes in an art prize I entered a while back. At the time I was a little worried about it, I wasn't at all convinced that i would enjoy it. So it was especially special to have had such a lovely time.