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Things will be quiet here for a little while. I am doing a residency at Bundanon. It is wonderful except for the horridly slow computer. Possibly this will be my only post while I am here. I shall return in February with lots of pictures and new work. I am afraid that the thought of trying to upload my photos with this contraption sends chills down my spine. But my studio is quite amazing.

This is an unfinished piece, made from book pages and wax.


stephanie s said...

oh, have a wonderful time. it will be exciting to see what you will have done.

lauren said...

i can confirm that your studio is amazing! moira and i both had a peachy time coming to visit you.. and i'm looking forward to being able to pop in again next weekend.. miss ya heaps miss jade - there's no one to have chillers with, and it's not quite the same on monday afternoons not being able to pop up to the studio.. xx

Jan said...

How exciting. Bundanon! Can't wait to see your creations. Enjoy!