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I got some exciting news on Thursday. I am the new Resident artist at Wollongong City Gallery. Amongst other things, this means I get the use of a studio for a year, money for materials and a show at the end. I have not really begun the residency yet, Anita Larkin, 2006 resident, is in the process of moving out.

Anyone in the area should really go check out Anita's show, it is really something very special, the work is quite extraordinary.

I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to work toward a show for a whole year. And I know i'll really enjoy doing my work within the gallery, I love the people there, staff and volunteers. In fact, I am there already quite a bit. I'll enjoy a few more visitors, too. Now my fabulous artist-friend Lauren has gone to London i don't get that many. I share my studio, but unfortunately for me Shivaun works very hard at her job in Sydney.


It'll also be great to have a show where i've hardly got to move the works any distance at all, especially because I am planning to make some pretty big stuff. Though it does have to fit through the studio door. Another good thing is I could certainly use some practice when it comes to talking about my work.


The work I'll be doing is specific to the gallery itself, in a sense it will be site-specific. I'll post plenty more about my plans later. For now I am busy with the sculptures and stuff for Gallery 9. I spent a couple of days taking photos earlier this week. It's tricky with stuff this big. It was difficult to get my piece of white backround paper high enough for the tall sculptures. Some are over 2 meters. For the taller ones I had to stand on a chair to avoid getting the edges of the paper in the shot, and there was no chance of getting the whole thing, bottom to top, in the frame.
I'm pleased with the way it's all coming along, though i've still got plenty keeping me really really busy. The pictures in this post are some of the sculptures i'm making. More photos of the work here.



Marjojo said...

Congratulations for the residency, that's great and well-deserved!
I really like the look of that sculpture that seems to stand on spindly legs. Makes me think of ancient things, to do with closeness/connectedness to nature and wildness, shamanic wisdom... Beautiful, moving work.

hil said...

Hey there. I've been lurking for quite a while, just loving your work. I'm really happy to read about your residency - congratulations! I'm in Canberra, so maybe I'll be able to come and see your end of year show.

Feltbug said...

Jade - I am so happy for you - it sounds really good - I look forward to seeing what evolves :)

Uschi said...

Woww! BIG congratulation! Sounds great!!
Concerning your photos: In my childhood, the paper on which I painted was the end-part of a role of newspaper-paper, which I got for free at the newspaper-printery.
Perhaps a possibility..
Have a lovely day!

ominnimo said...

Love your work it's brilliant. Good luck with the residency.

pozinhos... said...

Congratulations Jade, you deserve it!

Jade said...

thankyou all very very much!

Marjojo; i do like spindly legs. I seem to have excessive amounts of them falling all over the place in my studio...

Hope you can make it, Hil!

Uschi that might be a good idea. My piece of paper is pretty big, 1 and a half meters wide (about up to my nose) and 10 metres long but i could use a bigger bit. Also it is heavy and so it's quite difficult to hang from over 2 meters. Lighter paper would be much easier.

MoonChild said...


Cathy said...

Congrats, I am very happy for you to read this good news. Your work is very exciting to look at here and I look forward to seeing more.

stephanie s said...

congratulations on your residency, it is very well deserved.

Ali J said...

I'm jealous.... congratulations on your residency!!! What an experience that will take your art to new levels. I love your work, your use of paper is amazing. I can't wait to see some more. xox

Jan said...

I haven't visited for a while so missed this. Congratulations Jade! That is fantastic! I agree with everyone else - you do deserve it. It will be a wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing your work from there. By the way, your photos always look great.

Jade said...

Thankyou very much Moonchild, Cathy, Stephanie, Ali and Jan, you are all very kind!