filling space


Here are some more photos of what i'm making for the show in August. Not long to go now!

Got the keys to my new studio at the gallery on Monday. I had planned to wait till after the Darlinghurst show to really move my stuff in there, just because of the time involved (i need all the time i can get right now!) but yesterday i caved. I just couldn't resist all that empty space.


Also, i was a little frustrated by the lack of space to put the sculptures together. They take up quite a bit of room when assembled, and so i was having to take them apart at the end of the day because they made it difficult to get in and out of the studio. But, thanks to my dear Mother and her car, i've got the space to set them up, and leave them that way for as long as i like.


It felt a bit ridiculous driving from the old studio to the new one, they are only a block apart, perhaps 150 metres. But it would have taken me hours to move all that stuff on foot (what i really need is a shopping trolley. Not those little ones you can buy, but a full size supermarket one! But then i'd have to put that somewhere) It still took a while, though; there are stairs at both ends.


I'm looking forward to showing some works on paper along with my sculptures, it's often just been the sculptures that i've shown in recent exhibitions. Often in group shows there's far more space in the middle of the gallery than on the walls.


And here is a photo of a crazy tangle of sculptures in my studio (the old studio, that is; will have pictures of the new one soon).



Uschi said...

I LOVE your sculptures. They seem to live on there own, and, whatever you will tell me, I believe them to move through your studio during nights, blowing the hornet.

Do you know the work/films of William Kentridge. If you'll ever again have the time, please do a little research!!There is a relation between yours and his work.

abigail thomas said...

i love these drawings! brilliant, i dont think ive seen them on flickr, should i have? Decanter is coming along, ive been ill so its slow going but soon, soon! I will email all participants when its nearly done.


Jade said...

Thanks so much Uschi! I like to think they have secret lives, too.

I do know the work of William Kentridge; it's quite amazing. I saw some of his animated movies on tv when i was a teenager, and have seen bits and pieces since. But it's been a while. I think i should, as you suggest, do a little research!

Thankyou very much Abigail!! They are on flickr, but don't worry i've got lots of pics on flickr, i am always missing stuff on there.

Great to hear about Decanter, i look forward to it, good luck withit all! Sorry to hear you have not been well, hope you are ok now. No rush, look after yourself. I look forward to the email.

museum of fire said...

Hey Jade,

Was lovely bumping into you at the opening the other night - quite out of the blue!

Congrats once again on the residency, it's fantastic news. Serena and I will try and get along to the Gallery 9 opening... we're off to Canberra around then, but hopefully not until the Friday.

Is nice seeing your work here by the way - a bit more 'breathing space' than on flickr... (and nice to get a bit of background to the work).

Hopefully see you soon,


Jade said...

hi Ben, great to see you blogging, your writing is marvelous! I've gotta lot of reading to do....i'll add a link.
Lovely suprise to see you both, too!
Thanks, yeah i'm very excited about the residency, the space is great.

Would be wonderful if you can come, but don't worry if you're busy. Maybe you'll get to see the show another time if you are.
hope i see you there!

Sarah said...

Hey there, just found your blog via flickr, congratulations on the residency, how exciting to have a whole big space to work in! Can't wait to see what you get up to :)

p.s thanks for your nice comments on my work on flickr, it's a big compliment!

Jade said...

Thanks Sarah! It is exciting, was needing the extra space.

You are very welcome to the comments, your stuff really is amazing!