Opening 2nd August at 6.
9 Darley Street, Darlinghurst. Continues till the 25th August.


ominnimo said...

Love your work.

redredday said...

have a wonderful opening tomorrow! it will be such a treat for the people coming to see your show!

Uschi said...

I wish you the bestest opening!!!
I would so much like to vist your sculptures and have a chat with them!!!
Have a great day today!

lauren said...

hello lovely!
i just remembered that i forgot to reply to your email with dave & aj's deets! shit! bad friend i am.. ha!
i hope the opening went well - if you've got skype, we should have a chat sometime soon!! tell me all about it. i hope you've got a little bit of downtime before hawkesbury at least...
take care..xx

Jade said...

Thanks Moira, Mien, Uschi and Lauren! It all went very well!

Don't worry Lauren i figured out how to contact them: myspace! Of course i had to set up an account (set to become sorely neglected. actually it already is) and i found them through your myspace, so you were a big help after all! And they came, which was really lovely!
It all went really really well, much better than i expected (though i guess i never expect too much...)

I do have skype but i've never used it, but yes we should definitely have a chat! Gotta learn sometime....

The Hawkesbury opened the night before my show, so no downtime. It was huge! 600 people apparently. Peter made us all sing happy birthday to the horse.
The trip back to sydney is a whole story in itself....
I will email you soonish!

helle said...

Visited your exhibition last Saturday........the best I have seen for many years. Congratulations.
I'm the proud owner of two of your sculptures.
Sadly didn't make it to opening night. It would have been fun to meet you.
Warmest wishes to a very talented artist!

Jade said...

wow, thanks Helle! I am so flattered that you liked it so much, and very proud to be in your collection.
Would have been lovely to meet, but nevermind; i'm sure it'll happen one day!