white ink


From a small series of small drawings i've been working on, white ink and other things on paper. I 'discovered' white ink fairly recently and it's really nice to use on a dark surface. Used a nib for these.
Only problem with the white ink is that the pigment seems to be very heavy, so you've gotta really shake the bottle really really well, much more than with other inks, at least that i've used.
Maybe this varies among brands. I don't know, it's the first bottle i've ever had.

These are actually on decent quality drawing paper (nothing flash, but it's not bad). I have this weird thing where my drawings often turn out better on crappy paper. Maybe the better quality is intimidating or something, I really don't know.
But i quite like these, at least for now. Though i'm not sure that they are finished. Often i don't know if something's finished till it comes time to show it or part with it or whatever.



pozinhos... said...

I really love how white ink contrasts with the paper (great colour and texture by the way).

Judith Hoffman said...

These are great drawings Jade. I love the luminous glow of the white. The second one has a lot of feeling of movement - it looks like a strange apparatus that is flying off the page.

What brand of white ink are you using? I have tried FW acrylic white, it went solid in the bottom of the jar in a month. Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay White stays pretty well mixed. I have a two-year-old jar that I can still stir up, although it's getting stiff. My favorite for years has been Dr. Ph. Martin's Pen-White. Unfortunately it isn't water-proof when dry. The first two are. And both the Dr. Martin's inks are a nice, solid white.

Feltbug said...

These are lovely ! I bought some white ink last year but have not got around to using it - I will have to check and see if it is still liquid ! I think cheap paper is more accepting of being drawn on too - it is liberating - funny how our environment and materials affect how we work so much.

Jade said...

Thanks Carla, Judith and Mandy.
Judith i have no idea what brand it is, but i will look tomorrow when i am at studio. I will look out for Dr Martins ink, i never heard of it, maybe it's not available in these parts....