Got a hand powered paper shredder a while back. I love it! Well worth 8 dollars. The photo above is from the series of small sculptural installations, THE PAPER GARDEN. This one was at Bundanon.

shredded paper book

The great thing about the hand shredder (sounds dangerous!) is that it's easy to shred half a page, so it's good for making books like those below, and the one in the first photo, too.

These photos were taken in what was my Bundanon studio, except for the first picture, which was taken in my usual studio.

shredded paper book



Claire said...

Is the hand shredder like a hand cranked device or a little electic thing like you can get at office works?

I wonder if I could get a shredder that would work with fabric...

I like the half shredded books by the way... I think I'm in love with the colour of paper you use too.

Jade said...

thanks Claire. Yeah it's a hand cranked contraption - with copy paper (80gsm) you can only put one sheet at a time through, but if it's lighter paper two is fine, sometimes three. But tissue paper and stuff like that is no good, it just gets kinda mangled. I got mine from the reject shop, i haven't seen them elsewhere but i'm sure they must be around.
A shredder for fabric would be great!!