fine sticks

I love Staedtler sticks. The fine ones. They are my favourite pen, definitely my favourite ballpoint. Fortunately they cost about 65 cents each, and are even cheaper if you buy them by the dozen. I love to use them in my moleskines (below) and on 'rough manila paper.' That's what this drawing is on (above), at least that is the way it is described on the cover of the pad.

I really like expensive pens, too. I got some letraset pantones for Christmas and they are lovely. But mostly i use them with my stick. My fine fine stick. Or at least one of the 30 or so i've got. Nothing beats a nice ballpoint.
from sketchbook


Marjojo said...

Hi Jade,
Thanks for your message about my newspaper figure. Saw on your blogsite that you love working with paper too! Esp. like the papergarden and that crumpling can make art. And these drawings.
As a blogging baby I am amazed how much there is to see and find out about other artists. Will keep looking at your site.
Spring greetings,

Jade said...

Marion you are welcome, i really love your work, and will be adding links to your blog and site.
And thankyou.
Autumnal greetings to you!

Annie B said...

Hi Jade,
I don't know, something tells me that you could put a nice Staedtler stick in my hand and nothing remotely resembling this would occur. You go ahead and use any pen you want -- it's going to look just fine! - ab