I have been trying out some ‘origami crumpling’ – I saw some images of pieces made using the technique, and found a youtube video showing the process. I had to try it! Have a look at the video. I wish I could crumple like that guy. I find it more difficult than the usual origami – much more awkward and unwieldy. But I will keep practicing.

There is very little information on the net about the processes and techniques involved. At least I found very little, considering the wealth of information about origami generally. There are lots of amazing photos though. Google origami crumpling! Have a look at the work of Vincent Floderer.

experiment with origami 'crumpling'

This piece is made from an old sewing pattern. Tissue paper or something similar is needed for crumpling, so patterns are perfect. Not sure yet what i am going to do with my crumplings. They may develop into some sort of sculptural pieces.


stephanie s said...

oh, that is absolutely beautiful. you are a spectacular student! of course, i had to think you would make something quite wonderful.

jude said...

this technique is absolutely amazing and so perfect for your 3D talents. and sewing tissue is so beautiful anyway isn't it? tks for the link. my son is into origami and i will tell him to look too!

jackie said...

Your web site is great - I almost watched the folding video to the end ,but my patience ran out. Thanks for telling us about the technique.