Show at 4A

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Here’s the invitation to the show I’ve been working so hard for.

Opening date: Friday October 20th, 6 till 8pm

Venue: Gallery 4a, 181 Hay St City, betw.
Pitt & George Sts
Ground floor and 1st floor galleries.

Artists: Susan Norrie, Laurens Tan, Anita Larkin, John Massingham, Luis Trujillo, Jade Pegler, Joanne Handley, Iain Whittaker, Megan Sproats, Aaron Hull, May Barrie

Curated by the lovely ladies of liminality Lauren Brown and Moira Kirkwood.

I’ll be using the whole ground floor of the gallery for my work (I won’t bore you with details about why) which will be a whole lot of sculptural pieces that will hang from the ceiling. I think they will be a little scary.

It’s the stuff I’ve been making with the shredded paper. Using this particular space only arose as a possibility about 5 or 6 weeks ago (I think), and it’s a pretty decent size so I’ve been working very hard (so not much blogging)

For an image of the sort of thing I’m showing look in the September archives for OSCILLIUM ASYLUM.

Invitation design by the Vicious Cycle.

Anyways gotta go to sleep so i can get up early and set up my stuff.

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Amanda said...

You're keeping some high profile company there - congrats! And thanks for the link and faves! Best of luck for the show.