sketchbook page, originally uploaded by me-jade.

Finished hanging my work at 4A today. Well actually this evening. It has been 3 days of work! Hanging stuff from the ceiling is always a bit tricky, and there were about 60 pieces to hang (not sure exactly), so I spose it is no wonder it was a lot of work.

Today was mostly doing stuff like lighting and labelling, which is a big job in itself. All those dangling sculptures really get in the way when you're moving a ladder around to adjust the lights , not to mention labelling, which, due to the nature of the work had to be on the ceiling. I am kind of suprised we didn't pull anything down.

It is a relief to have it all done. Now i just have to get through the opening night. Back to Sydney for the 4th day in a row. Once again it seems there will be little chance of getting home before 10:30. Oh well.

It is strange to be in such a public place when installing, and even to have my work in such a space. It's not the usual for me. The front of the gallery is just about all glass, and the street is so busy! The Gallery (in Hay street) is between Pitt and George Streets, two of Sydneys major cbd thoroughfares, and a few minutes walk from central station. A lot of people stop and peer inside, and the work is visible even when the gallery is shut. Certainly an odd though pleasing experience for me.

Still no photos, so instead we have another sketchbook page, which is not unrelated to the sculptures. Ball point pen, pencil, collage, correction tape.


Judith Hoffman said...

Congratulations Jade! It sounds like a ton of work, but very worth the effort. You must be a jack-of-all-trades, doing the lighting, etc. I have been realy enjoying your sketchbook pages. I bet the show is incredible. I hope there will be lots of photos on your flickr page.

Jade said...

Thankyou Judith! It certainly was a ton of work, but i am very pleased with the whole thing.
I cannot take the credit for doing the lighting, though. For that i stayed on the ground and advised the wonderful Imogen Yang (from Gallery 4A)about how I wanted it, and assisted moving the ladder around all those sculptures on strings.
There will certainly be lots of photos on flickr, should be next week sometime, with any luck!.

Amanda said...

Congratulations Jade! Wish I could go...but I've passed the details on to a friend of mine who lives in Sydney and she tells me she'll definitely go and see your work.
Best Wishes.

julie said...

I love your sketches!!! Really looking forward to seeing photos of the show!!