maths and masquerades


Sorry i've been making more calculations. In the last two posts I tagged 17 people. With that as the starting point I figured in only 7 rounds of tagging ( only if everyone actually did the tagging, of course!) 410 338 673 would be tagged. In eight rounds, it would be 6 975 757 441, or six billion, nine hundred and seventy-five million, seven hundred and fifty-seven thousand, four hundred and forty-one. Crazy!

That's enough maths for now.

In the post before last (confessions x 12) I posted some pictures and said I would tell you what they were.


They are the decorations made for the Project fundraiser masquerade ball, FABULEAUX, last month. The ball ended up being lots of fun, and it rose money that Project really needs. There were some awful moments before it got underway when it looked like it might be a total disaster. I won't go into detail about that.


We had a lovely Bollywood-style dance troupe, marvelous drag performances, great music from The Fast Falling Fortunes, as well as incredible acrobatic wombats and some spectacular two-headed hula hooping (the hoops, of which there were many, at least 20, i think, were actually 'hulaed' around where the two heads met, the second neck, if you will; the extra head was on top of the usual one) courtesy of Circus WOW.

And there was musical chairs, of the fund raising variety. We fined people as they got out. There was a good prize, though.


And of course, hanging above it all were my decorations. There were a lot of them, unfortunately i did not get the chance to take photos of them all. There are a few more photos of the decorations here.
Not long after I began hanging the decorations, one by one, I was struck by a brilliant idea. Well maybe not genius, but it saved me an awful lot of time fooling around up a ladder. I tied the decorations onto sticks, a few on each stick, which i then placed between the beams of Project's industrial-style open truss ceiling.
Some folks liked the decorations. I liked the sticks.


mien said...

hi Jade, i like sticks, too! do you have pictures of them hanging at the ball? the masquerade ball sounds like a lot of fun, not the usual art gallery event. what was the prize for the musical chair game? that is a good idea for fining people for fundraising.

cally said...

sounds like a great time and totally enhanced by your deco's and brilliant stick idea.

nice that you liked seeing some of my work, i really should show you my paper work and books etc. and also some things i've got from other people that you'd like, i think. all papery and waxy.

ps. i love when you do your calculations :0)

shula said...

Bollywood and drag queens.

Sounds like my kind of party.

Which is really saying something.

Jade said...

Hi Mien, you do wonderful things with sticks! Unfortunately i was too busy rushing about like a maniac at the ball(trying to organize performers, food that sort of thing but probably just getting in the way) for photos. I think someone took some though.
The prize was a $100 dollar voucher for a local restaurant. Yeah fining was good!

Thanks Cally! Was really great to see some of your work; i would LOVE to see some of your paper work! Glad you like my calculations....i find it interesting, though i hate maths.

Yeah Shula, wish you'd been there! I'm not the party sort, but i'm glad i didn't miss it.

Kirsty said...

Your art is amazing, I found you through Cally, I think and I've been reading for a month or so. I really love what you do with paper, it's so delicate and subtle. Although my own work is quite different, I find your aesthetic very inspiring. Are you aware of the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi? Your work really reminds me of it.

Anonymous said...

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