malleable fiction


Some odds and ends sitting on the window sill of my studio. Lots of them use the crumpling i've been doing a lot of lately, combined with papier mache. I called them FICTILE MEMENTOS. I like the word fictile, it sounds to me like it means 'fictional' but actually means 'malleable' or 'formed of a moldable substance' and is often used in relation to pottery. These two meanings aren't so different really, both imply a constructed entity, one of them , perhaps, a little more tangible than the other.


Some of these pieces were in a group show at FIELD in Newcastle a little while ago -




Martine said...

This is fantastic!

Ro Bruhn said...

More great work, love them.
The bottom one is almost a baby 'trifed' from 'The day of the Trifids' series.


moonchild said...

thanks for linking ^)u(^
is my pleasure to get your comment!

helle said...


Beautiful pieces.