stuffed drawings etc.

stuffed drawings etc.

stuffed drawing
To make these stuffed drawings i put fabric in an embroidery hoop, draw on it with various things - pen and ink, other kinds of pens and pencils and ink washes. Then i cut the shapes out, sew on a backing and stuff them and sew some more.

I like the way they make the drawing tactile and 3D - like some kind of toy. Making things can be a lot like playing a game or solving a puzzle.

The little origami box has a piece of origami stitched inside. The top left piece is cardboard and collage etc.


Judith Hoffman said...

These are all wonderful Jade. I especially like the origami box. I sometimes make flexigons or origami for fun, but it looks like the sample in the instruction photo. Not very interesting beyond the idea of structure. I love the way you make them yours, the folds read like drawn lines, the colors are so earthy. And the little origami piece inside is so appropriately bookish.

arlee said...

Yay, you're bloggging!!!!!!!! Bookmarkin' ya Hon!