collage drawings

collage drawing

collage drawing

Click on the pictures for decent images.

The pieces are A4 size.


POPLIFE said...

very interesting works, particularly the hanging structures/discovered through lisa corbett flickr account/compliments-from-italia/POPLIFE

Friederike! said...

your collages speak to me as well as your 3D works with the complicated names :-)

lauren said...

hey jade, i'm liking the current collage works - they're a little more minimal than your other stuff which is going to be exciting to see develop!
plus this images of Oscillum look fantastic!!

Jade said...

thankyou Poplife, Friederike and Lauren.

Friederike it is very special to get a compliment from a blue sheep - it doesn't happen everyday.

Lauren i think having the much needed extra space of my studio i feel like i can leave a little more space in my artworks...if you see what i mean. Less pressure to pack everything into tiny spaces....
Glad you like them!
I'm afraid there are plenty of bad oscillium photos, too - the sculptures lived up to their name and kept swinging.

Ellis Nadler said...

tremendous. I'm linking to your blog