confessions x 12


These pictures have nothing to do with what follows but I don't like to do a post with no pictures. I'll tell you what it is some other time. No space here for that!


This was going to be complicated and somewhat confusing. For me as well as you. It is my own fault, i do let little things pile up sometimes. Instead I will divide the tagging and the thinking blogger awards into two posts. First the tagging. It may still be a little confusing. Sorry.

So now i have to confess. My dear friend and fantastic artist Lauren of She Sees Red 'tagged' me ages ago. When i say ages i mean around five months ago. Maybe six. Yes i am bad. Didn't realize it was quite that long. I guess i'm not really the tagging sort (whatever that is), I feel a bit funny about it all. Oh well.

The idea is i have to tell you 5 things you wouldn't know about me (probably). And then tag 5 bloggers. See Lauren's original post for more details.
So here they are -

1. I have a bit of a problem with collecting too much stuff. One day i will be (literally) suffocated by it. Or else great piles of it will fall on me on crush me to death. Probably you already knew that. If not, I'm sure you suspected.

2. Also i carry around too much stuff. Mostly things i'm making.

3. With my work, i have trouble stopping. Often there is no clear point at which I can say 'this is finished now'. It could just go on and on...

4. I am afraid of the dark. Sort of. Not in the usual way, i am not scared of the things that could be there that i can't see. I'm just scared not to see: in the dark i cannot do my work or read or anything. I spose i'm scared of boredom more than the dark. I like to be doing things.

5. I really like drinking ice. Or eating it. I'm not sure of the correct term. I freeze water in plastic bottles and smash it with a hammer. And then eat / drink it rather noisily (it cracks and rattles etc).
It can be very irritating to those in my vicinity.

I am going to try not to tag people that I know have recently been tagged. However I am bound to fail. So i'm sorry if you've been over-tagged lately. Maybe we'll call it tag fatigue. If you like just ignore this, or perhaps just wait 5 or 6 months. Anyways i'll tag -

1. Selflesh,

2. Amanda Watson-Will

3. Judith Hoffman

4. Mais Pozinhos

5. My Art Grows Around Me

This next tagging is thanks to the lovely and awfully clever Jan, of IN MY SPARE TIME.
I am supposed to reveal 7 random facts about myself or something.
So some more things to confess-

1. I am a vegan. Well I do eat honey. Also I eat stuff that says on the packet 'may contain traces of dairy or eggs' etc, but not stuff that says it does. Subtle but important difference!
I don't actually object to eating meat or other animal products, but I prefer not to participate/support the industry because things just aren't done the way i'd like 'em to be. And I don't find it difficult, or only very rarely anyway. It's been 10 years now. And plus it's bad for the environment.

2. I stay up WAY too late.

3. My fridge is covered in silly cute stickers.

4 I am prone to over-research things I am planning to buy. Especially technological sorts of things. Stuff like my laptop, cameras etc etc. I should probably just buy them and not read so many reviews or compare so many prices. Probably not worth the trouble. I should just read more blogs.

5. I really need to clean out my bag more often. You know, get rid of all the little bits of crap that accumulate down there. Also my wallet. Sometimes I can't shut it and believe me it's not because it's full of money.

6. I don't shave legs or under-arms. I like to pretend this is on principle but really I just can't bear to spend time doing things like that. It's dull. I get bored. Also I never wear make-up.

7 I suffer from a similar affliction to Jan. Stationery obsession. I do have to think before i spell it though. Otherwise i wouldn't be getting anywhere. Sorry very bad pun.

So i'll tag

1. Cally Creates

2. Red Red Day

3. Handmaid

4. Under Secret Door

5. Ruby-Crowned Kinglette

6. Screaming Lulu

7. Littlefish

Phew! Well I think it's all over. At least till I do the next post. Though it could be the one after that. We'll see.


shula said...

You're not a Capricorn, by any chance?

Jade said...

Shula i am! How could you tell?
I do not have much faith in astrology, in fact i even took my birthday off my blogger profile to get rid of the star sign bit. But maybe you will convince me to think differently....

Anonymous said...

hi Jade, i've been checking your blog/work almost everyday (okay, everyday -please don't think i am a stalker) since i discovered it so i am quite pleased to be tagged by you. :). but...i have no blog friends to tag back...so i think i will have to wait a bit...

Ursula Achten said...

Hi Jade,
I just come hopping over from cruststation for the first time....and....where is the very-big-eyes-smiley???? I'm completely impressed by your paperwork.
I've to do a big research over here and not only stare at the photos ;))
I'll be back soon!!

Anonymous said...

I love your work, thank you for the fascinating insight into your life. I am also a stationery junkie :)

Debbie Schramer said...

Hi Jade,

I found your blog today and am just utterly amazed at your art. It is so unusual and fascinating!!
I love working with paper and fabric, too, but do something entirely different. I create small furniture and houses, but also use materials from nature. Hope you'll visit my site and blog. Your work is just incredible! So glad I found it!!

Anonymous said...

wow, jade, you are amazing, I l;ove your work and its great learning random facts about you and meeting another blogging aussie! I will be back for more of your beautiful work!

Jade said...

Oh Mien you are sweet! I have been keenly reading Red Red Day, so if you are a stalker i am one too.
I wouldn't worry to much about doing the tagging thing. As you'll see in my next post it may be better for everyone if we aren't too diligent when it comes to our tagging 'responsibilities'

Uschi so glad you did pop over, i'm loving Papierwelt! Just begun to explore it, your work is fabulous!

Crustation thankyou! Have just begun exploring Crust Station, so much good stuff, ta for the post, much appreciated!

Sunflower thankyou for the post! Another wonderful blog to explore. Your miniature worlds are amazing.

Butterfly Collector, thankyou; what a marvellous array of things on your blog! Great to find it, thanks for the link.

I see i'm gonna be busy adding a few links to my list.....

Cally said...

Hey there, only just checking in today after a feww weeks away from your blog, so I see you tagged me too, that's a couple of folks have tagged me on this one so I will try and do it next week.

Until then I can say that I'm a match for you on your answer's to 2,4,5 & 6. Though with 6 I just never even tried, seemed daft to waste teh time when I have such silly see-through blond hairs - though I notice as I age that stray dark ones are appearing randomely - weird.

And on point 1 I'm kind of vegan, though that's more through allergy than choice as I would probably still eat cheese and ice cream (Cherry Garcia) if it didn't make me sick. But I would feel guilty if I did. And yeh, I eat hooney too, and feel guilty about it - but maple syrup is so expensive and imported. Ah the dilemmas.

I still need to do a post about you. Well, I kind of have a half written one but I find it hard to do justice to people when I'm ill, I tend to say dumb stuff or just witter (like now!).

On that note, Ciao, still loving your work. x

Feltbug said...

I am like you 1 and 2 in the first list and then 2 4 6 and 7 in the second list - this could end up making some interesting equations :)

Jade said...

hi there Cally, don't worry too much about the tagging thing, especially if you've been otherwise tagged recently...sorry!

Wish i had silly see-through blonde hairs. Unfortunately i am dark haired, and there's plenty of it. Still not enough for me to go to any trouble though....

You'll get to that post one day i am sure, just do it when you feel the urge, please take your time. And if you never do it, that really is fine too! Just glad to have found your blog! Do hope you feel better soon. Personally i would find blogging about other peoples work rather difficult. But then i'm a little neurotic.

Yeah Mandy i'm getting into the tagging equations of late!

Indeed it would be interesting to figure out what the most common sorts of 'confessions' were. But i'll leave that to someone else i think....

Jan Allsopp said...

I'm with you on 4,5 and 7 and intermittently no. 6. I'm pleased to find out you are as interesting as you seem. You must be! You love stationery! (Yes, I have spell check!)

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

jade, just realized you tagged me, so did jude, so i would have to say it is high time a divulged some secrets.... thanks,